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Action, wellness or culture? Turn your home into a dream destination.

Do you love really challenging yourself on holiday and pushing your limits?

Or do you prefer to do something good for your body and really relax?Perhaps you like travelling to cities full of art and culture?

Whatever kind of holidaymaker you are and regardless of whether you have to spend your holiday at home this year, we have plenty of good tips to show how anyone can relax in their own way at home.

Let the adventure begin at home.

Start the day with a sporty programme: How about a little refreshment while surfing, paddleboarding or waterskiing at the nearest lake? Or reaching dizzy heights while climbing or bungee jumping? Fitness apps such as Freeletics, LOOX or Athlagon have got the daily fitness programme covered. See out the rest of the day in fitting style by spending the evening in a tent by a romantic campfire or paying a late visit to a completely empty outdoor pool.

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Turn your home into your very own spa.

Treat yourself to a relaxation session in the morning with yoga or qigong along with the appropriate app (calm, myblosom) to get the day off to a good start. Afterwards, head to the bathtub, naturally with a fragrant face mask or body peeling mixture (made of sugar and buttermilk, for example – simply mix together to form a paste-like mass. Squeeze half a lemon over it and add a teaspoon of honey. Done!) After a relaxing evening with your favourite book on the patio or in the nearest park, you could host a delicious cooking evening with your best friends. Why not try new recipes from far-flung corners of the globe (fernweh-koch.de).

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Take a cultural trip in your home and city.

To begin with, there are some very special cultural sights to see on the Internet during the coronavirus pandemic (zuhause-festival.de, pinakothek.de, berliner-philharmoniker.de). Then you could of course also seek inspiration from the museum in your home town or visit an open-air cinema or theatre in the vicinity. Or have you ever taken a tour of your own city? Perhaps even by night? At the end of the day, immerse yourself in the pitch-black night with a good red wine and read your way through the most essential books of the summer (bestsellerliste.de).

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Whatever kind of holiday you choose: Don’t let the laundry stress you out – enjoy the convenience of Persil Service. Whether towels, neoprene suits, bathrobes or evening dresses – you can relax with Persil Service. After all, you are on holiday!