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Woman feeds her dog AleksandarNakic

Lifehacks for animal lovers

We have the best household tips for those who live with pets and a practical offer from Persil Service for cleaning pet blankets and cushions.

Promotion for animal lovers from Persil Service

Whether dog cushion or horse blanket – Persil Service can also get everything hygienically clean for animal lovers! From 18 to 31 December 2020, you can send us your four-legged friends’ snuggly laundry and it will be returned to you freshly washed or dry-cleaned within a few working days.


Dog/cat blanket (synthetic): €19.90

Horse blanket (not impregnated): €25

Cushion (washable)

Small (up to 30 x 60 cm): €15

Medium (up to 1 x 1 m): €20

Large: €25

Find out more about Persil Service at www.persil-service.de and in the Persil Service app – both convenient and mobile. Now available to download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

No more slipping bowls

Since our furry housemates are unable to use their paws while eating, they can easily push their food bowl away from them with their nose. This can result in them spilling their food all over the place.

A simple trick can prevent this from happening: just stick a wide sealing ring to the base of the food/water bowl with a little superglue and it will stay firmly in its place and no longer slip.

Banish pet hair with nylon stockings and Co

Particularly when pets are moulting in spring or winter, their owners find the hairs of their furry friends on every item of clothing or piece of furniture. And when visiting friends or relatives, the pet can sometimes leave behind its hairs as a parting gift.

Pet brushes and lint rollers can help here. But if neither of these things is to hand or you are travelling, rubber gloves or nylon stockings can be used as an alternative. These space-saving aids quickly build up a static charge and magically attract pet hairs.

Rubber aids for sofa and carpet

It can quickly feel like hard work when cleaning the sofa, carpet or other large areas using small aids – the big guns can help here: hand brushes are often available with rubber bristles these days and almost everyone has a rubber squeegee in the bathroom to remove the splashes from the shower. 

Both are handy for getting rid of hair from larger areas. Simply draw the brush or squeegee across the affected areas while applying a little pressure, collect the gathered hair from the material and dispose of it.

Balls as fur magnets

When it’s time for the clothing or other pet textiles to be washed, they end up contaminating all the other items of laundry in the washing machine with pet hair. It almost looks as if the hair multiplies. 

As a preventive measure, it really helps to use one of the above-mentioned methods to remove the bulk of the hair prior to washing the items. The rest are then caught by so-called lint remover balls or laundry balls, which can simply be placed in the washing machine. If need be, tennis balls can help as an alternative.

Cat lying on cushionsCaleb Woods

Designated wardrobe

Collar, harness, short lead, long lead, jackets for particularly cold or wet days – most dogs have an impressive range of paraphernalia for their walks.

A small extra wardrobe in the hallway helps to ensure that they are not left lying around the place or hanging over the door handle. Children’s wardrobes, for example, are exactly the right size. Or you can buy individual coat hooks and attach them directly to the wall. This will make sure that there is a designated place for everything.

Give dirty paws no chance

Whether sand in summer or mud in winter – dog paws pick up a lot of dirt that we would rather not see carried into the home. 

To prevent this, you should ideally place a towel and a soft shoe brush in the hallway or somewhere else close to the door. The brush is the equivalent to the human ritual of wiping your feet on the doormat and removes the bulk of the dirt and sand.  And the dog and its paws are dry in next to no time with the towel.

A tasty distraction in the bathtub

When your four-legged friend needs a bath, there is generally a lot of fuss. Most dogs are not big fans of baths or showers.

A distraction can help to make the unavoidable wash more agreeable. Since owners generally have their hands full at this time, however, it is best to use spreadable treats. Liver sausage or peanut butter can be spread along the edge of the bathtub – this will ensure that the dog is busy licking it up while being washed. And if there does happen to be any left over, it can simply be rinsed away after the dog has been washed.

Keeping cat litter in check

Cat owners know all too well that their little furry friends scatter the litter out of the tray like confetti. However, many cats do not like a roof on their litter tray.

Placing a bath mat or rubber mat underneath the tray can help to prevent the litter from being scattered all over the room if the litter tray is not covered. This should be bigger than the tray itself so that any litter that escapes when the cat scratches around or sticks to the paws when leaving the tray is caught and retained. The mat then simply has to be regularly vacuumed or shook out over the dustbin.