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Sneakers with ice on them Persil Sneaker Clean

Loyal companions: how to look after your sneakers properly!

At first glance, it seems perfectly natural, but when you look at it more closely, your sneakers loyally accompany you through your day and have to withstand all kinds of stresses and strains: dirt on the floor, rain, mud, shards of glass and many other things give them a hard time day after day. Time for us to give you a few tips to help you get your favourite sneakers looking spotlessly clean again!

How to keep the latest trends looking pristine

Some sneaker trends have emerged in 2020 that perhaps require a little more cleaning work than others. We have put together the best tricks for every trend so that you can quickly get your sneakersgleaming once again:

  • White sneaker: Cleaning white sneakers often proves to be especially difficult, because even the slightest marks remain visible on the light material. If you want to keep the workload to a minimum, you should ideally clean them regularly with a damp cloth. It is important to remember not to rub too firmly and only do so along the textile structure! A special cleaner suitable for the specific sneaker material can also help – although you should ideally leave the cleaning to the professionals!
  • Ugly sneaker: This trend features chunky designs and the gaudiest colours. Thanks to the patterns, the marks on ugly sneakers cannot be seen that easily. A swift wipe of the footwear or a new pair of laces can soon revitalise the look. You should only resort to using cleaning agents if they are more heavily soiled. Alternatively, you can place the sneakers in experienced hands.
  • Vintage sneaker: Most of the people who wear these classics even kind of prefer the worn look. Yet there is a fine line between ‘worn’ and ‘grubby’, so you should at least clean the midsole of these sneakers every now and then. It doesn’t involve that much work, but nonetheless improves the overall look. However, you are going to have to spend more time on them if you want to get them sparklingly clean – or consider getting them professionally cleaned.
  • Platform sneaker: The trick with the midsole works especially well with outlandish platform sneakers. Yet this method isn’t always enough to get the sneakers looking like new. The large sole can soon invoke the temptation to achieve this effect with household products like toothpaste, but this is inadvisable due to the incompatibility with the trainer material. Here, too, it is best to use a suitable cleaning agent or leave the job to the professionals.

Don’t feel like eternally scrubbing and polishing?

In view of the fact that even the most valiant efforts are not always rewarded with success when cleaning sneakers that take a daily punishing, this is completely understandable. It really is worthwhile placing them in the hands of a professional cleaning service. Persil Sneaker Clean gently and effectively cleans sneakers in all kinds of colours and materials.

What’s more, you don’t have to go to any great lengths, because the service operates by post, just like the postal laundry service. Persil Service customers who are already registered can conveniently log into the Persil Sneaker Clean website with their login details and take advantage of the new service.

Whether you are an existing or a new customer, the voucher code fresh5 will give you a voucher worth €5 towards your first order.

And here’s how easy it is:

  • Start by booking one of three cleaning packages online. If required, you can order a reusable shipping box at the same time – otherwise you can simply pack the sneakersin a box suitable for shipping.
  • Once you have dispatched your sneakers, they will be professionally cleaned by the experienced team at Persil Sneaker Clean.
  • Within a few workdays, your favourite sneakerswill be returned to you sparklingly clean and ready to wear.