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Woman with red coat in autumn CoffeeAndMilk/istock

Make an impact! The trend colours for autumn 2020

The summer is coming to an end and people are slowly getting the urge to go shopping for the autumn. We reveal the most essential colour trends and show you how to wash brightly coloured garments.

We are going all out for colour in autumn 2020!

This year, the autumn will be dominated by bright colours. Who dares wins – because virtually any colour is allowed. Particular eye-catchers like orange and bright blue may be unusual, but they are the most essential colours of autumn 2020 at Chanel, Valentino and Co. So why not go for a colour that you perhaps wouldn’t normally choose first. We will reveal your colour type and tell you which autumn colours best suit you. And of course we will explain how best to clean your new favourite outfits without affecting the colour.

Discover your colour type and the right autumn colour for you!

Autumn type: 

Skin: Light porcelain complexion or a dark, olive-coloured skin tone; blue or brown eyes; hair: dark brown or blac. This type must simply wear their favourite garment in a very intense tone. In a bright yet warm red (such as chamotte) or orange. Beige tones also go very well or green colours ranging from a bright chartreuse to a warm olive.

Spring type: 

Skin: Warm peach-coloured or golden complexion, tends to get freckles in summer; mostly light green or blue eyes; hair: blonde, medium to dark brown. The spring type is very well suited to the 2020 trend and can wear bright red (such as imperial red) this autumn. Equally recommended is an intense and eye-catching chartreuse.

Summer type: 

Skin: Delicately rosy complexion with a hint of blue, sometimes with freckles; blue, blueish green or grey eyes, rarely brown; hair: light to dark blonde, or brown. People with these features have a broad palette to choose from this autumn: from a very intense red (such as imperial red) or darker claret to virtually any blue tone (especially royal blue, ultramarine and midnight blue) and radiant white. The summer type can also wear any grey tone very well.

Winter type: 

Skin: Pale skin with a golden tinge, also tanned, sometimes with freckles; eyes: any brown tone through to olive green; hair: brown, reddish to mahogany. The autum must-haves also suit the winter type: an intense, bright red (such as Persian red) or a striking blue (such as royal blue) plus the choice of any white tone – from pure white to ivory.

colourful jumpersOleg_Ermak/istock

How do you clean intense colours?

The important thing is to ensure that the colours are correctly sorted: i.e. wash all light items (including light blue, pink and light grey), all coloured and lighter colours (orange, yellow, light green) and all dark colours (blue, red or purple) together. Black and very dark tones should also be washed separately. It is essential to read the care labels – sometimes an item of clothing requires special cleaning. 

In most cases, the sorted laundry can be washed at 30–40°C. The easy-care programme is generally sufficient. Important: You should definitely use the right detergent to preserve bright and intense colours, such as Perwoll Renew&Repair (Color&Faser, Schwarz&Faser or Weiß&Faser). 

Only partly dry the laundry in the tumble dryer afterwards and then dry it in the fresh air, while avoiding direct sunlight! This will ensure that you can enjoy your brightly coloured clothing for a long time.

It goes without saying that you can always use Persil Service and simply sit back and relax while your laundry in bright autumn colours is washed and ironed. You can find all the information at www.persil-service.de