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No more outfit chaos – with our practical dress code guide

Have you received a brilliant invitation or do you have an important business meeting in the near future and are wondering what to wear? Find out here how you can avoid rummaging through the wardrobe for hours on end and dress perfectly for any occasion.

Time for cocktails: what should you wear in casinos, high-class bars and the like?

Anything you like is essentially allowed here. However, the key is to make sure you are familiar with the host’s requirements or the dress code at the venue. In such cases, a woman can’t really go wrong with a cocktail dress in her favourite colour or a modern trouser suit. For men, a stylish suit or a pair of chinos with matching shirt and jacket is perfect – perhaps even with a tie.

Do you have something a little more exclusive in mind? Here are the best evening wear tips.

Do you want to go to the opera, attend a ball in sophisticated company or shine at a chic reception? Women should traditionally opt for a long evening dress. This should appear thoroughly tasteful without being too ostentatious. If you have gone for a dress in somewhat more striking colours or a lustrous material, it is worth selecting more understated jewellery. If your evening dress is plainer, however, by all means dig a little deeper into the jewellery box. Men should accoutre themselves in a smart suit or even a tailcoat. A bow tie or conventional tie with a pocket square in matching colours will round off the outfit nicely. If a guest is accompanying you to the event, you might want to coordinate some of the colours in your outfits as an especially nice touch!

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A special occasion coming up? Here’s how your outfit will be another reason to celebrate!

Choosing the right outfit for a special occasion depends on what kind of occasion it is – you wouldn’t wear the same thing to attend a wedding as you would to go to a New Year’s Eve party. For occasions like the latter, the little black dress is a tried-and-trusted classic for women and always a good choice, because it comes in a number of different styles. Men can achieve the corresponding look with a pair of dark trousers and a smart shirt.

If you are going to a wedding or religious ceremony, however, be sure to observe any dress code issued by the host and/or the usual rules. The general rule here is to avoid colours that are too striking and don’t show too much flesh! At weddings, you should avoid dressing too similarly to the bride and groom. For women, this means no white! And men should not wear a dinner jacket or three-piece suit. Those who prefer to play it safe can ask the best man or chief bridesmaid whether the bride and groom have any special requests here.

Dress to impress your way up the career ladder: how to carry off the business look

In most offices, a smart appearance is not only common courtesy, but also represents many of the company’s qualities. Diligence, integrity and professionalism are all in the detail. A little tip to begin with: never dress smarter than the boss!

More muted colours such as black, grey, anthracite or navy blue are generally suited to the office. However, it depends on your company’s dress code. A traditional suit or a formal dress is a good choice for the business dress code for women. The corresponding look for men should include a suit, tie and smart shirt. If there is a more casual business look in your office, women should ideally opt for a smart trouser suit, a stylish skirt suit or a knee-length dress with an understated pattern. Men should go for chinos with a matching shirt – when it gets cooler, you can wear a pullover on top and pull out the shirt collar. The informal casual dress code is worn in some companies’ offices as well as at their evening events. This may mean ‘casual’, but it doesn’t necessarily mean leisurewear. Women are well advised to go for a smart little summer dress here or a pretty blouse with skirt or long trousers. Men can combine dark jeans with a shirt or polo shirt. Generally speaking, the choice of outfit can by all means be a little more colourful here.

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