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Happy Easter - eggs in the Easter nest ASIFE/iStock

Prick up your ears: how to enjoy a lovely Easter despite the restrictions!

Easter is usually one of the nicest days of the spring season. Due to the coronavirus, however, unfortunately we have to put up with a few restrictions. With our ideas for the Sunday table, you can still make this year’s Easter a lovely one to remember!

The build-up to Easter at your fingertips with home-made decorations

Those who often make things themselves probably already know that the process itself is just as satisfying as the finished result. It is even nicer when the end product can also be put to good use afterwards! And now in particular, when we have to share the Easter period with the coronavirus, we have plenty of time to get creative. Be inspired by the ideas we have put together for a nicely laid Easter table.

  • Easter bunnies: Toilet paper is currently highly popular. Reason enough to transform the empty rolls into little Easter bunnies with a little coloured card! They can then be used as a display element with Easter twigs, as ‘place cards’ at the dinner table or as an extra hiding place for sweets. Other cute little animals can also be created with the rolls.

DIY egg cups from cardboard rollEkaterina Morozova/iStock

  • Easter nest: Those who can no longer get hold of a decent Easter nest at short notice can simply make their own! All you need to do is open up an old egg box, line it with colourful serviettes and paint or decorate it however you wish. Sweets can be placed in the ‘lid’ and the other side is still perfect for eggs – only they should of course be Easter eggs in this case!
  • Egg cups: Those who like to take a stroll these days should gather little branches and twigs along their way. Why? Simple: with a little hot glue they can be used to make egg cups, which bring a rustic Easter charm to the table. They can be painted with a little acrylic paint – to go perfectly with the colourful Easter eggs.    

Covered Easter tableKarniewska/iStock

  • Floral decoration: Talking of Easter eggs, if you have a little accident while blowing the eggs, you don’t need to throw away the eggshells! A bit of potting compost is enough to create a space on the nicely decorated Easter table for some small flowers or plants.

To go with the nice table decorations: the perfect tablecloth

A good tablecloth or smart table runner is often part of any nicely decorated table. At the same time, however, this often also comes with a certain worry about annoying stains. We explain what to bear in mind so that you can fully enjoy the nicely decorated table complete with a tablecloth:

  • A stain on the tablecloth doesn’t immediately mean that it is ruined. You should always remember this, because there are many different ways of removing or covering even stubborn marks – so don’t let the thought of the stain spoil the mood!
  • If you really do have an accident at the table, dabbing away the stain with a sponge or kitchen roll is good at preventing the stain from spreading across the tablecloth. Keep something like this close to hand just in case!
  • If the stain keeps on catching your eye during the rest of the meal, you can simply rearrange the table decorations so that it is concealed by an Easter nest, a flower vase or perhaps even a nicely folded serviette.
  • After the meal, the tablecloth should nonetheless be washed as quickly as possible, because the longer the stain is left to dry, the harder it is to remove afterwards. Your washing machine should do a good job in most cases.

If nothing else works at all and the stubborn stain remains, you can give your tablecloth to Persil Service. We will then make sure that you can use it to brighten up many more tables on special occasions – and your tablecloth will be returned to you sparklingly clean and ironed. Simple, effortless and ready to put away in the cupboard.