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Somebody washes their hands Irina Ba/Unsplash

Simple hygiene tips: how to keep viruses and germs at bay

From social distancing to wearing a face mask, there are many recommendations from experts when it comes to keeping viruses and germs at bay. Thorough handwashing is also a good start – but there are other effective methods.

Established everyday habits

There are loads of tricks for maintaining good hygiene that can easily be integrated into your everyday routine. Besides washing your hands properly, these include:

  • Occasionally disinfecting your phone, tablet, mouse and keyboard, because quite a lot of viruses and germs can breed here.

Disinfect Smartphoneiprogressman/iStock

  • Door handles and handrails are also big friends of viruses and germs, which is why you should avoid direct hand contact as much as possible, especially in public areas.
  • Tissues should really only be used once and then immediately disposed of along with the germs.
  • Cashless payment transactions, because bacteria can also be passed on by exchanging cash – in an underhand manner, so to speak.

Contactless paymentzoranm/iStock

  • Regular ventilation of rooms helps as part of a more hygienic daily routine!

When it comes to doing the laundry …

... it goes without saying that we have a few good tips up our sleeve. For example, think about washing your bed linen a little more often than usual – particularly in these times of the coronavirus. Duvets and pillows should also be washed at least once a year to get rid of undesirable house-dust mites. We will be happy to take care of this personally for you with our specialist expertise. Simply place your laundry in the experienced hands of Persil Service.

The benefit for your laundry

Persil Service uses highly effective and professional detergent.The method for disinfecting the laundry and the actual disinfectant used is certified and listed by the RKI (Robert Koch Institute). It has a broad bactericidal and antiviral effect. As such it helps to combat both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses in equal measure.

We are willing to shake on it – even though we only mean it symbolically, of course, in the current climate.

Contactless delivery via our partner DHL

Our parcels are generally handled by DHL. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, there are currently no restrictions and the delivery drivers are continuing to work almost as normal, although no signatures are taken from the recipient when the parcels are delivered in order to minimise the risk of infection. Instead, the drivers will use their own signature to record when the parcel has been successfully delivered.