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Hospital employee PhotoAlto/Odiolin

Sincere thanks to the hospital heroes from Düsseldorf

They work to help us all, which is why we have shown our appreciation to the people who work in Düsseldorf’s hospitals!

An idea about which we care and didn’t have to think twice

Gratitude can take many different forms. Persil Service therefore wanted to play its part in supporting the doctors and medical staff in Düsseldorf by enabling them to use Persil Service free of charge for two months. After all, the hard-working heroes have enough on their plates due to the coronavirus. As such, we were more than happy to take the task of doing the laundry off their hands for a while – with real success. Many people were only too pleased to make use of the service and ease the everyday burden.

The service was very helpful, because there was a noticeable increase in the workload and the associated working hours. The time I saved as a result allowed me to recover better from this increased workload.

Mr Dassler, Hospital Hygiene VKKD Düsseldorf

By the way, we have even more ideas up our sleeves to help you through the coronavirus period!

Our initiative in Düsseldorf was just the start, because Persil Service can not only take the weight off the shoulders of the tireless hospital employees! Find out here how you can help older people you know with our laundry service.

Plus there are further hygiene tips to prevent unpleasant viruses and germs.