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Staying warm at work: office outfits for the winter

The perfect winter look should be cosy and warm, yet this is rarely appropriate for business settings. We show you how your outfits can be both warm and suitable for the office!

Naturally warm from the inside out

Are you one of those people who generally tend to freeze? There are all kind of tips and tricks that will help you keep warm during the colder months of the year.

Starting with the right food and drink and moving onto exercise, contrast showers and the right clothing, you will find all the tips and tricks in our article Keeping warm naturally – from aniseed to circuit training.

Office looks for the desk, conference, etc.

A day at the office can produce one or two surprises. While the body tends to cool down when sitting at your desk for long periods of time, a meeting or a presentation can really make you sweat. To make sure that your business look in the winter is suitable for every situation, you should ideally opt for the onion look, also known as layering. This allows you to add or remove a layer of clothing at any time, depending on the situation.

If your feet get cold easily, you should start here with a warm layer: thermal socks or stockings keep feet and/or legs warm all day. This is especially important, because the constricted blood vessels caused by the cold prevent good blood flow throughout the body and will quickly make you shiver.

It is equally important to keep the torso warm, which is why a good vest should be part of any winter outfit. Alternatively, a plain long-sleeved T-shirt in a muted colour provides the perfect basis for an inconspicuously warm office look.

Depending on the dress code in your office, a blouse or shirt can be worn over it, or a winter or roll-neck pullover. This can always be combined with a matching blazer or jacket, if the dress code or occasion demands it.

When choosing a blazer or sports jacket as well as trousers and skirts, you can opt for wintry materials for extra warmth. There are two-piece outfits in woolly materials, plus the felt look or velvet. Women can also choose between chic pleated trousers, culottes or, if preferred, lined midi-skirts. A knitted dress in a muted colour in combination with a blazer or cardigan also looks great and will keep you nice and warm.

Man with suit on scooter in autumnpraetorianphoto

Business outfits for travelling in the winter weather

The real challenge for the business look in the winter, however, awaits you on the way to work or while travelling to your next client meeting. The outfit should remain professional, while also being capable of withstanding the icy winds and slippery streets.

Shoes with a good treaded sole are essential for dealing with the latter. The classic men’s suit shoe and women’s pumps do not pass the test here, partly due to the danger of slipping, but also because they are cold. A plain Chelsea boot with an understated treaded sole represent the perfect alternative for both men and women. Women can also go for ankle boots with Cuban heels. Otherwise, classic knee-high boots go especially well with the midi-skirt or knitted dress and also provide extra warmth for the feet and legs.

Fur or thermal insoles can provide additional insulation. You should also make sure that your shoes or boots are not too tight when worn with thicker socks or insoles. There must always still be a little ‘air cushion’ that stores the body heat in the shoe.

It is also important to retain the body heat around the top half as much as possible. A down or thermal gilet worn beneath the classic woollen coat can be enough when the temperatures start to get wintry. When the snow and frost arrive, however, you should opt for a down or thermal coat that will keep you warm all over. These are available in muted colours suitable for the office and in styles for both men and women. If the lady prefers something a little more striking, plush and fake fur materials really catch the eye and provide the right warming effect for the office look.

On top, a snug cashmere scarf and elegant leather gloves or tight-fitting woollen gloves stylishly round off the outfit.

To keep the ears warm, women can wear their hair in a bun with a headband, for example. But of course the headband works just as well as a hat with hair of any length worn down. Ear muffs are an option for men who want to keep their hair looking nice. Otherwise, if there is time, both men and women’s hair can initially remain unstyled beneath the woolly hat (or, currently all the rage, a hat with a brim) and then styled into shape when you get to the office.  

By the way: Only combs and brushes made of natural wood or horn can help with flyaway hair. Plastic and metal can even amplify the static effect.

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