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Colorful shirts on hangers triocean/iStock

Summer has arrived – here’s how to feel fresh in your clothes!

The sun is finally shining down on us again, nature is in full bloom and it is staying nice and warm outside until the evening hours. But what can be done when the summer heat gets a bit too much and we yearn for a fresh breeze? We have just the answers for you!

Choose the right clothes

If you struggle on hot summer days to choose an outfit that is both stylish and comfortable to wear, then we have a few good tips for you:

  • The right colours play a key role in preventing you from breaking out into a sweat in the blazing sun. Dark or black clothing absorbs the sunlight, while light or white materials tend to reflect it.Light colours are therefore a good idea, particularly when conditions are calm and there is not a cool breeze in sight.
  • The style of the clothing also affects how we feel the heat. It is all to do with air circulation. This is barely possible in closer-fitting clothes, which is why you should opt for airier styles on hot days. Long, loose garments are also better for staying cool than clothes that expose the skin to direct sunlight.
  • The kind of material also plays a part in how the clothes feel. In the summer, the material should be as thin, light and breathable as possible – silk and viscose are great examples of such cooling materials. Cotton and linen are also very suitable if they are worn loosely.
  • A few practical accessories make the heat more bearable and ensure that it doesn’t take a heavy toll on our bodies: sunglasses shield the eyes from the dazzling light, caps or bandanas prevent sunstroke and a broad-brimmed sun hat provides shade where there would otherwise be none.

Woman in summer dress on the beachJason Blackeye/Unsplash

Heat leaves its own particular marks – here’s how to get rid of them!

When it is especially hot outside, there is a risk of picking up one or two extra stains alongside the usual suspects. Sweat, deodorant and sun cream marks not only look unsightly, but also frequently leave us with an unpleasant sticky feeling. Fortunately, there are plenty of tricks to help you combat such marks!

  • Beating sweat marks: There are various means and ways of dealing with these kinds of marks. Patterned tops, for example, help to ensure that the marks are less visible. Despite the heat, it is also worth wearing a vest to absorb the sweat. With a little luck, it will have evaporated before it reaches the outer clothing layer. Underarm pads, a balanced diet and the right deodorant can also help. The latter also conceals unpleasant body odour!
  • Beating deodorant marks: Deodorant can help to reduce undesirable sweat. That is all well and good, but some types also leave behind marks that are difficult to wash out. When buying deodorant, it is therefore advisable to look out for one that is aluminium-free. It is also a good idea to wait a little while after applying it until it is dry, before putting on your clothes. It is important to remember that the same also applies to sun cream!

Woman with summer hat on the beachTamara Bellis/Unsplash

Have these tips come a bit too late? Fear not, your favourite item of clothing can still be saved. Professional cleaning removes even the most stubborn summer marks! Persil Service will collect the stained laundry from your home, let experienced hands treat it and then return it to you clean and ready to put away in the wardrobe within a few workdays! Alternatively, you can pre-order an empty box, which you simply need to fill and return to Persil Service.

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