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Surviving the winter – the right way to store summer things.

Read all about how to correctly store your textiles and what you also need to bear in mind beforehand!

Surviving the winter – the right way to store summer things.

The wonderful autumn season is here and it is time to store the summer clothes, lightweight bed covers and patio cushions in the basement, loft or under the bed. We have the most essential tips and tricks for ensuring that they survive the winter and stay fresh and clean for a long time.

1. Wash them thoroughly

The time has come to put airy summer dresses, light jackets, short trousers and skirts into boxes or bags along with the garden cushions and blankets to make way for the warm winter things. It is important to remember to thoroughly wash all textiles and items of clothing again or take them to the cleaner’s. This will remove all stains so that they do not dry in, while also guaranteeing a pleasant fragrance. Above all, however, organic residues (sweat, dandruff, perfume) are removed.

2. Dry them properly 

Leave all textiles to dry really thoroughly before mothballing them to prevent mould and mildew stains, which can no longer be removed. This is especially important where garden textiles are concerned, such as pads and cushions. If possible, iron items of clothing and fold them neatly. This makes it all the more enjoyable to unpack them again next spring!

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3. Give them long-lasting protection

A pleasant effect: certain things exude a scent that is pleasing to our noses, while repelling very specific pests – moths are especially well deterred by the smell of lavender or cedar. The best method is to pour some dried lavender flowers into a cloth bag and place it between your summer things. If the scent wears off at some point, you can simply refresh the bag with a little lavender oil. But cedar wood and cedar oil also helps: place a piece of cedar wood between your clothes or drizzle a few drops of cedar oil onto a piece of wood and place it in the corner of the cupboard (not between the clothes).

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4. Store them carefully

Store all summer textiles in breathable, dry and dark containers. This will prevent them from going mouldy, plus the materials will not fade or lose their colour in the dark. Important: Don’t make the mistake of storing the textiles in plastic bags for longer periods of time. Moisture can easily form when they are stored in this way, resulting in mould (vacuum storage bags from which the air has been completely removed are an exception). More suitable are cardboard boxes, wooden boxes or cloth bags in a dry place – naturally along with the fragrant helpers described in section 3. It is best to store particularly high-quality items of clothing (such as suits) in moth-proof suit bags over the winter. Bags made of thickly woven, breathable cotton are recommended here, rather than those made of plastic. Then you’ll be all set for the winter and your summer textiles will look just as good again next year!