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A button is sewn on iStock/esolla

The new Persil Repair Service

Everyone is familiar with this situation and everyone is equally annoyed by it! Just when the outfit has to look especially good and you reach for your favourite item of clothing, you are confronted by a nasty surprise: The zip is broken, there is a button missing or even a hole. But don’t get worked up about such silly things any longer – Persil Service now also helps to repair clothing!

Repairs and cleaning under one roof

If repairing the item of clothing by yourself turns out to be too risky or complicated, you can now turn to Persil Service. Thanks to the new Persil Repair Services, a zip can now easily be replaced, a torn-off button sewn back on or a tear repaired alongside the usual cleaning of laundry. And here's how it works:

Hole in knitted sweateriStock/FG Trade

  • On our website you can request a prepaid box to be sent to your home, in which you can place your dirty and/or damaged clothing ready for despatch. To make it clear which items of clothing need to be repaired and what needs to be done, simply place a note in the box summarising the services you require. You will find a detailed list of Persil Repair Services options and prices at the end of the article.
  • The box must then be sent. You can send it via your local Packstation or use our convenient collection service.
  • Your clothing will then be professionally cleaned by Persil Service and repaired by Persil Repair Service. All garments that you entrust to us are of course always cleaned.
  • Within a few working days, all of your items of clothing entrusted to our care will be returned to you. In fact hygienically cleaned, ironed, ready to put away in the wardrobe and repaired.

Man buttons up his jacketiStock/Tatiana Gorbunova

Tried-and-trusted system, twice the Persil Service

As you can see, Persil Repair Service is just as straightforward as our cleaning service. And at the same time, you not only save yourself a trip to the laundrette, but also a trip to the alteration shop.

Persil Repair Service: Options and prices

Replace button / rivet / press stud: From €4.99 (The original button must be supplied)

Replace zip: From €13.99

Restitch torn seam: From €4.99

Repair tear (1–5 cm): From €7.99

Dress / suit Tears up to 5 cm: €5.50

Tears over 5 cm: €10.00

Replace zip (bed cover): €24.00

Replace zip (pillow): €19.00

Nobody is perfect, therefore …

… we reserve the right to decline items of clothing that appear too complex to repair. In such cases, it goes without saying that we will inform you of our decision.