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Woman hangs curtains Woman hangs curtains

Tips and useful information on drapes and net curtains

Drapes and net curtains can create a cosy atmosphere in any home. They keep the cold and heat out and shield us from the light and prying eyes. Unfortunately, however, the material attracts dust and various odours. That is why you should thoroughly clean drapes and net curtains once or twice a year (even up to four times, depending on the air quality in the room) to ensure they remain a decorative highlight in your home. Get all the tips here on how to wash them properly, combat odours and iron them the right way. It goes without saying that they can also be washed professionally, anytime and with little effort – thanks to Persil Service. Find out more at persil-service.de.

The correct way to wash drapes / net curtains:

  1. Firstly, you should take down the drapes or net curtains and give them a good shake out (the difference between net curtains and drapes: unlike drapes, net curtains are translucent). It is important to remember to remove all of the hooks, rings and other hard materials.

  2. Then you can place the drapes / net curtains in the washing machine. Ideally, you should use a laundry net. If your laundry net is not big enough, a pillowcase can also be used, as long as the material is not too thick.

  3. You should naturally also follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions. Otherwise, be sure to wash them according to the material and colour.
    Generally speaking, a 30°C delicate cycle is recommended. A low spinning speed should be selected (max. 800 rpm) in order to prevent creases. (Under no circumstances should you select an economy cycle, because less water causes more creases to form.)

    Window with curtainsUnsplash/Eduard Militaru
  4. Select the right detergent: it is the only way you can be sure of removing any dirt and yellowing.
    A colour detergent for delicates is recommended for cotton and polyester, such as Persil Color or Perwoll Renew Advanced Color&Faser.
    A liquid detergent for light laundry is generally suitable for white net curtains and drapes, such as Persil Universal or Perwoll Renew Advanced Weisses&Faser. You can also bleach the material. To do this, place the drapes / net curtains in the bath and shake in some sodium bicarbonate or citric acid / lemon juice (available from any supermarket).
    You should hand-wash silk and printed materials using a delicate detergent (without bleach), such as Perwoll Wolle&Feines.
    If the material is heavily soiled and has unpleasant odours, you can also soak it in diluted vinegar (in the bath with vinegar) in addition to washing it. This will neutralise the odours.
  5.  Do not place the drapes / net curtains in the tumble dryer after washing, because it will severely crease the material. It is better to immediately hang the material back on the curtain rod while still damp. You can also weigh down the drapes / net curtains with clothes pegs so that they dry nice and smoothly. Then air the room well.

  6. When the material is almost dry (iron dry), it is time to iron it. Use steam and a high temperature for cotton, but only iron materials such as polyester or printed fabrics at a low temperature. Always start ironing at the top of the drape / net curtain and work your way down.
    Your drapes / net curtains will soon look like new. You should do this several times a year. Or simply let Persil Service wash and iron everything and enjoy a little rest instead. Just visit persil-service.de