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Homemade glasses with lights vaitekune/iStock

Upcycling: Decorating with wine bottles, preserving jars, etc.

Used glass can be quickly, easily and creatively ‘upcycled’. The new lease of life for jars and bottles is practical, sustainable, decorative and fun!

Individual bathroom accessories

Your preserving jars can promptly be turned into soap dispensers and matching toothbrush glasses as well as receptacles for bathroom implements such as cotton buds, combs and hairbands:

Place the desired number of jars and, if desired, lids on a suitable protective sheet (such as newspaper) and evenly spray them using waterproof spray paint. Once they are dry, you can also decorate them (with washi tape, for example) or label them depending on the content.

To make your individual soap dispenser, punch a hole in a lid big enough for the tube of a pump unit to pass through. You can either reuse a pump unit from an old soap dispenser or buy a new one online. Simply guide it through the hole and stick it to the lid with either superglue or hot glue. Fill the jar with liquid soap and screw the lid on – and that’s it!

If you cut a slot in another lid, you have a lovely container for moist tissues. Simply place the tissues in the jar and guide the top tissue through the slot in the lid. Screw the lid on – and it’s done!

From cotton pads to toiletries – you can then decoratively store the rest of your bathroom accessories in the other jars, with or without the lids, which would otherwise be lying around.

A practical kitchen shelf for herbs and Co

Build your own perfectly sized little kitchen shelf in next to no time:

You may have an old plank of wood or shelf lying around, which would otherwise not be used. Stick or screw the lids of jam jars or other screw-top jars on the wood in a neat row so that the accompanying jar can be screwed onto them. This will now be the underside of your herb shelf. 

You can now either fix it beneath a wall cupboard in your kitchen or attach it to the wall with a couple of brackets. If you opt for the latter, then you will also have additional storage space on the upper side of the shelf. In both cases, the jars will be on the underside of the shelf and can be filled with herbs whenever you like and screwed off and on at any time.

If you want, you can label the jars either by hand or by using a label maker (available online).

Preserving jars with spicesstockstudioX/iStock

Table decorations: Wine bottle magic

Wine bottles can not only add a touch of romantic light to the dining table in the form of decorative candleholders. An especially magical effect can be achieved with fairy lights – and best of all: LED lights don’t even need a plug socket.

Start by thoroughly rinsing out the wine bottle(s) and remove the labels with the help of warm water. 

For the glow-worm effect, either attach a fine set of fairy lights to a cork or buy a cork with integrated LED fairy lights (online or from a homeware store).

You can then simply place the illuminated wine bottles on the table as a decorative element or hang them up with a piece of wire. They also look really lovely in the window on dark winter evenings, for example.

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