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Woman ironing shirt at the dry cleaner Hispanolistic/iStock.com

Washing and cleaning – what is the difference?

The difference lies in the optimal type of care for your textiles: Persil Service will ensure that your favourite item of clothing always receives the right care, depending on the type of stain or the sensitivity of the material.


Washable textiles, such as cotton shirts, can be washed in water. Yet not all textiles can tolerate this. Very sensitive materials may lose their shape, shrink or fade if washed in this way. Textiles with the crossed-out care symbol shown here should therefore be taken to be cleaned rather than washed.

Washing symbol cleaning© by GINETEX | subjug/iStock.com

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning involves cleaning textiles with a solvent rather than water. This has the advantage of the fibres not swelling up, allowing the textiles to retain their shape.

Wet cleaning

There is also a process called wet cleaning, which uses special detergents and equipment in addition to water in order to prevent shrinking and creasing. Persil Service requests your consent before using the wet cleaning process.

Mangling and impregnating

Our services also include the washing and mangling of bed linen and tablecloths as well as the professional cleaning of leather and carpets and the impregnation of garments such as all-weather jackets.

Tip for slippery garments

Do your wide-cut garments often slip off the hanger? That will no longer happen with this tip.

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