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When the quarantine finally ends – back to the office with these tips!

After over two months of restricted contact due to the coronavirus, a growing number of measures are now being relaxed in Germany. For many of us, this means it’s back to the office! Yet the long spell away from the office may well have left its mark. We have put together the best tips for quickly getting back into the daily office routine!

Order is half the battle: from morning routine to evening ritual

Put an end to getting up at irregular hours, skipping breakfast and eating ‘lunch’ in the evening. A regular daily routine perfectly prepares you for your day at the office:

  • Get up early enough to avoid rushing! This will ensure that you don’t forget anything as you head to the office and can start the day relaxed and alert.
  • Take time to eat breakfast! A (little) breakfast at home – away from the computer, files and colleagues stimulates the metabolism and gives you energy, allowing you to concentrate on what is important as soon as you arrive at work.
  • A cold shower often works wonders! It not only refreshes you, but also stimulates the blood flow and thus the circulation, which automatically makes you more alert.
  • Make a lunchbox! By doing so, you won’t have to spend the first part of your lunch break sorting out something to eat, but can instead really switch off and recharge your batteries.
  • A checklist clears the mind! It is really easy to prepare and helps you to get the day off to an organised start – without forgetting anything important.
  • Get a bit of fresh air! The oxygen helps you to focus on the day’s tasks and also boosts your immune system so that you can start the working day with renewed strength.
  • Treat yourself to something nice every now and then! The best routine is to no avail if you don’t like sticking to it. Whether taking ten minutes to read the paper or your favourite book or engage in some brief meditation, it will give you an extra portion of motivation for the rest of the day.
  • Establish an evening routine! Ensure a relaxing night’s sleep by following the right rituals before going to bed – it should definitely be enjoyable and something you can look forward to throughout the day!

Bag with mouth and nose masknito100//iStock

With freedom comes responsibility: virus precautions in the office

Despite a relaxation of the measures and a tentative return to the old routine, the coronavirus has unfortunately not yet disappeared from our lives. You should also take the right precautions at work and keep the danger of infection to a minimum:

  • Keep a safe distance! Make an arrangement with your work colleagues to ensure that you stay at least 1.50 m away from each other whenever practical. If possible, push desks and chairs as far away from each other as the space allows.
  • Take a mask with you! With or without social distancing – a mask that covers the nose and mouth offers the best protection if as many people as possible wear one!
  • Disinfect regularly! Always keep hand and surface disinfectant nearby so that you can regularly disinfect hands, work surfaces and eating areas.
  • Open the window! Airing the room at regular intervals improves the air circulation, thereby increasing your ability to concentrate while minimising the risk of germs settling.
  • Don’t forget hygiene standards! Even with the most effective precautionary measures, you must still only cough and sneeze into the crook of your elbow, regularly wash your hands for at least 30 seconds and avoid touching your face unnecessarily!

A money-saving tip in passing: ensure your clothing is fit for the office with Persil Service

Treat the office outfits that have been neglected since you have been working from home to a freshen up:

Persil Service is only too happy to do the tiresome washing and ironing for you!

Simply request an empty box, fill it with your laundry and send it straight back to us with the printed return label! Within a few workdays, your things will come back to you washed, ironed and completely ready to wear or put away in the wardrobe.