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Laundry on clothes hanger Shanna Camilleri/Unsplash

Which hangers should be used for certain clothes?

Hangers come in various designs for different uses. We have summarised the basic differences so that you can optimally hang up your favourite items of clothing without creases.

Plastic hangers

Advantage: plastic hangers are lightweight and take up little space.Disadvantage: they provide little stability for heavier garments, which may impair the shape and leave behind unattractive bumps. A plastic hanger may also snap if heavier garments are hung on it.

Metal hangers

Like plastic hangers, metal hangers are lightweight and take up little space. However, they quickly leave behind bumps and can buckle if used for heavier garments.

Wooden hangers

Wooden hangers are more stable and can also hold heavier garments. With larger, rounded edges, they also maintain the shape of tops and do not leave any dents in the garments. However, wooden hangers should be varnished, otherwise protruding splinters may damage the garments.

Clothes hanger on clothes railAndrej Lišakov/Unsplash

Padded hangers

Padded hangers are also suitable for heavy garments and help to keep them in shape. They are very good for sensitive garments such as suits.

Hangers with a horizontal bar

These hangers are multifunctional. Tops can be hung on them as well as trousers and skirts with nice creases. 

Trouser/skirt hangers

Trousers and skirts are clamped and fixed into place here, saving space and preventing the garments from slipping off.

Coat hanger with trouserswachira aekwiraphong/iStock.com

Watch out for uneven surfaces in general

Regardless of the material used to make the hanger, uneven surfaces, rough spots and poor workmanship can damage sensitive garments and pull threads.

Tip for slippery garments

If a garment is wide-cut, it can easily slip off the hanger, but you can easily make non-slip hangers with one simple trick.

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